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Trending Series From 2020
New Jersey Tile & Stone

Trending Series From 2020

Although we are halfway through the first week of the New year, we couldn't help but to reminisce about some of our favorite collections from the past year. So here is a quick recap of our trending series from 2020. Terra & Oro: A unique collection which successfully synthesizes a precious marble "Oro" portion together with a terracotta "Terra" offering. Galaxy: Galaxy sets out to reduce the roughness of stone and restyle it for ultra-chic settings. This collection features a versatile color range that includes three neutral tones that are paired with bolder, trend-setting color accents. Oceani: Oceani evokes the vast range of color that is experienced when gazing upon a calm sea. The glossy, undulated finish of this tile is reminiscent of gentle, lapping waves. Skorpion: This collection replicates precious onyx in a spectrum of rich colors. The deep hues reflect the natural highlights of this stone. Each color offers a striking, book-matched decor which defines the splendor of this unique collection. The Room: Nolita: Nolita allows for the creation of delicate atmospheres by infusing purity into any space. This is a collection that presents itself as a furnishing element combining the depth of onyx with the luxury of its unique surfaces.
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